GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose demands his dressing room is all black, stocked with alcohol and decorated with dozens of red and white roses, according to his tour rider.
The Sweet Child o' Mine hitmaker - who was bottled off stage for showing up late to the band's last concert in Dublin this month (01Sep10) - has a list of 41 demands that must be met before he performs.
A tour rider obtained by reveals the top demand is a dressing room "decorated with fresh roses 18 of red and white each".
The area must also include dark shades and even black napkins, and be furnished with a bed, sofa, coffee table, six lamps and a rug.
Rose also asks for Champagne, red wine, vodka, tequila, three brands of beer and various mixers, in addition to 18 glasses for wine and Champagne, another 15 for stiff drinks, 40 paper cups, a blender and a juice maker.
But the hitmaker isn't on a strictly liquid diet before he performs - he requests "roast chicken, two portions of medium rare filet mignon, Cesar salad, four cheeseburgers and a spinach salad" for dinner, in addition to vegetables, fruit and "two bear-shaped tubes of honey".