Axl Rose's stolen jewellery has been recovered.

French police arrested a woman after she returned three gold-and-diamond necklaces - worth $200,000 - which had gone missing from a party held by Axl's band, Guns N' Roses, in Paris.

The woman - a model - claimed she didn't know how she had ended up with the 'Paradise City' hitmaker's chains. It is not known if she has been formally charged with theft at this time.

According to a spokesman for the band, Axl was not wearing the necklaces when they were stolen.

However, police said the singer was ''fuming'' about the theft.

Guns N' Roses have met with frequent troubles on their current European tour, with heavy criticism for taking to the stage late, in many cases later than after 11pm.

In London the band - of which Axl is the only original member - threatened to walk off stage if fans continued to throw money and plastic cups at them after they took to the stage 50 minutes late.

Bass player Tommy Stinson said: ''If you throw any f***ing thing on stage, we'll go home.''

Guns N' Roses next show is in Moenchengladbach, Germany, on Friday (08.06.12), before they will return to France as part of their European tour, which lasts until July 22.