Axl Rose has been serving jury duty.

The Guns N' Roses frontman - real name William Bruce Bailey - took part in a civil trial in Santa Monica, California for four days on the legal process until Tuesday (10.01.12).

Commenting on the short-lived job, Axl told "It was relatively painless. I was fortunate that everyone in the courthouse and jurors were all really great, plus I got to see daylight from a different prospect."

The 49-year-old rocker will be pleased to have got the work finished, as his bandmate DJ Ashba recently revealed the group were working hard on a follow-up to their last album 'Chinese Democracy'.

He said: "What I can say is making a new album absolutely is our main priority. And I cannot wait to get working on it.

"Axl has tons and tons of stuff recorded as it is. I mean, he sits there in his hotel room and he'll play me hours of stuff. And I've written over ten songs - I think 12 songs now - for him that he really likes."

However, the band does not have a set date for the release of their new LP.

He added: "I can't give anybody a definite date, because I'm not gonna give anybody false hope.

"But it's absolutely everybody's goal to get out an album within a reasonable amount of time."