Axl Rose's legal team have demanded that a Los Angeles photographer cancel an art show inspired by the Guns N' Roses. Rose, who is pretty well-known for his difficulty (just ask, well, anyone) has had his lawyers fire off a cease and desist letter after discovering that snapper Laura London was showing an exhibition in Los Angeles called 'Once upon a time... Axl Rose was my neighbour.

The collection includes a photo of a garage door with 2Sweet Child O'Die you R 1 of many nothing special" spray-painted on it, as well as models dressed up in bandannas similar to the ones Rose famously sports. Lawyers for the star claim that the photographer alleges that it was Rose who wrote the graffiti, and have demanded that she close the exhibition completely and offer the rocker an apology.

In the letter, the lawyers write, "Mr. Rose never spray-painted anything. Your salacious and inflammatory statements are plainly designed to garner attention and line your pockets with money." London's website for the exhibition features the photograph, but has since removed a caption linking it to Rose, according to There have been no changes in plans to open the show on Saturday (September 29th).