Avril Lavigne was left in floods of tears recently, when she was made to believe she'd blown up a car and a bike.

The Canadian COMPLICATED singer became the latest victim on Ashton Kutcher's hit prank show PUNK'D after parking her car while out with a friend.

As soon as she stepped out of the garage, Kutcher's team got straight to work, posting a fake reserved sign and blocking Lavigne's car in with another vehicle before she returned.

After complaining to the attendant about being stuck in her spot, Lavigne was asked by the staffer to help him move the car. But chaos soon ensued when the car rolled out of everybody's control and into a transformer, which caught on fire, engulfing a neighbouring motorbike in flames.

Shocked Lavigne fought back tears as both the owner of the bike and the car screamed at her in disgust.

And she was so upset that even when Kutcher appeared from behind the scenes and informed her it was a prank, she burst into tears.