Avril Lavigne is obsessed with black eyeliner.

The 'Girlfriend' singer - who is known for her grungy look - says she couldn't live without the cosmetic product as she wears it all the time and would feel naked without it.

She said: "The thing that I'm most addicted to is black eyeliner. It's been my obsession for years."

Avril also admits her style has changed since she first burst onto the scene eight years ago but doesn't have any regrets about her fashion choices.

She told website StyleList.com: "I feel like my style has evolved since I was 17 years old and I'm 25 now. I've changed fashion-wise which is normal to do. But I look back and see all of the pictures and all of the different crazy things that I wore. And it was cool back then wearing the tie and skater pants."

As well as being a make-up fan, Avril recently launched her debut fragrance Forbidden Rose and insists she was involved in every part of the process.

She said: "I was involved with everything because I have to make sure it's something that I can stand behind and it has to represent me. Not only visually did I go through everything with creating the box, font and bottle, but I went through the whole message behind it including the ad campaign and commercial. I like the fragrance because you can wear it at day and night. Its fresh, edgy and fun. It makes me feel good. All of my girlfriends wear it, so we basically smell the same."