Avril Lavigne has upset the owners of her local Italian restaurant, by revealing she no longer likes the toppings on the pizza they claim is her favourite.

La Pizzeria in Napanee, Ontario, used to be a childhood haunt of the COMPLICATED singer, and the owners have honoured her on their menus by boasting the parlour is "the home of Avril Lavigne's favourite pizza".

Lavigne admits she's thrilled with the honour, and delighted to hear business is booming but the vegetarian doesn't eat her old favourite pizza anymore, because it contains ingredients she has since given up.

She reveals, "It was green olives, pepperoni and mushrooms but I don't eat mushrooms or pepperoni anymore. Mushrooms aren't good for you and meat's not too great for you... I eat healthier than that now."

But, Lavigne is more than happy to endorse La Pizzeria because she spent many happy hours there as a teenager and still thinks the parlour's pizzas are the best.

She adds, "I think it was in ROLLING STONE magazine, they asked what I missed about Napanee and I said La Pizzeria and now, like, their business has like skyrocketed.

"They have a fan book in La Pizzeria and a bunch of fans go there from like all over the world and they all, like, write me letters and every once in a while the owners give me the book."

14/02/2005 09:20