Avril Lavigne says she's "super honoured" to show at New York Fashion Week.

The 'Girlfriend' singer will showcase the latest collection for her Abbey Dawn clothing range at the prestigious event next month and she says it's a dream come true.

She said: "I've done a fashion show there before and it's, like, kind of a really big deal. I'm on tour in Europe but I made sure I can do it. I have two hours to do it, then I leave. I fly for like 24 hours but it's really important and I'm super honoured."

Avril first launched the line three years ago and says only now does she finally feel it's complete.

She told People: "Heels, footwear. And now I have men's stuff so it feels complete. It's my brand, it's my baby. It's the first time it's a full collection of everything, outside of clothing. There are so many different categories."

Earlier this year, Avril said her fashion tastes have grown more sophisticated over time.

The 'What The Hell' hitmaker used to be famed for her rock chick look but has now started to wear dresses and heels as her style has matured over the years.

The 26-year-old star said: "When I was younger, I dressed skater and had that whole thing going on. But as I grew up, I eventually started wearing heels and dresses. Over time, fashion choices change. Now that I'm older and have a fashion line, I'm more into fashion."