Avril Lavigne used to be a star ice Hockey player for a boys team.

The 27-year-old singer believes her sporting background helped her career because they taught her to be ''touch'' and compete with the opposite sex.

She said: ''I was the pitcher in our softball team and I played either centre or right wing in my mixed hockey team.

''I didn't just play, I was MVP [most valuable player] two years in a row. The boys didn't go easy on me either. I had to play like one of the boys to survive and it was good for me.

''It taught me how to be tough and how to work with other people. Those skills have helped a lot in my career.''

As well as her hockey success, Avril was also a champion in athletics sports during her school days.

She added to FHM magazine: ''I've always been very athletic. Nowadays, I love to skateboard, rollerblade, play hockey, work out and do yoga.

''But when I was growing up in Canada I used to play softball in the summer, ice hockey in the winter and do track and field. My brother and I were the best in our school at track and field.''