Avril Lavigne listens to Radiohead when she's cooking.

The singer namechecked the British band - famed for their introverted, deep thinking tracks - in her recent single, 'Here's to Never Growing Up', and finds them the perfect accompaniment when making meals for her and her new husband, Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger.

She said: ''I love Radiohead. I cook a lot, I put Radiohead records on in my kitchen. I actually had a really cool night where I got to meet the guys, and it was all very pleasant.''

Avril, now 29, rose to fame as a teenager in the early part of the last decade and she claims her musical tastes have changed little since.

She added to Radio.com: ''The majority of the music I listen to now, today, in my free time, is the stuff I've always listened to.

''Blink 182 remind me of being in high school, and Green Day. When I first started out on the music scene, Green Day were playing a lot of the festivals I was playing and it was really cool for me to see, because in [school], I was listening to a lot of their stuff and I was playing Summer Sonic festival with them.

''A lot of Frank Sinatra and Coldplay, but I listen to a lot of older stuff that I have on my computer.''

Avril's latest self-titled album is out now.