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Avenging Force The Avenging Force Album

Avenging Force may have only been around for the best part of a year or so, be named after an 80s thriller movie and hail from the backstreets of Liverpool but their sound is more akin to the noisier elements of Seattle’s yesteryear grunge movement. Or to be exact, the slightly less than subtle approach taken by the likes of Rapeman and Shellac, which is just as well considering Steve Albini, the main mouthpiece behind both, is controlling the mixing desk alongside long-time compatriot Bob Weston. Coincidence? We think not…

Although for a band with little-to-no profile outside of their native city, we’re a little intrigued as to how they managed to hook up together in the first place. Fortunately, ‘The Avenging Force’ is a brutal slab of post-hardcore that occasionally doffs its trucker cap to the classic seventies sounds of Sabbath and Santana whilst offering a few passing glances at the likes of post-millennium noiseniks Mclusky and Public Relations Exercise in between times.

Across the eleven songs on offer here Avenging Force go for an almost 50/50 split between instrumental hardcore such as the Jesus Lizard tinged title track or closing apocalypse of ‘Bootle Girls’, which mixes subtle melodies with brutal onslaughts mid-song, almost like a technophobe 65 Days Of Static. ‘Illingtown’ meanwhile recalls the heady days of ‘Mclusky Do Dallas’ albeit in a more simplistic if frantically obtuse styling, while ‘You Little Superstar Yeah Baby That’s What You Are’ harks at both the post-progressive charge of Goblin and the more futuristic connotations of Youthmovies and their ilk.

Standing out, however, like a sore thumb that’s been held in a vice for twenty-four hours and repeatedly beaten with a sledgehammer is the scarily titled ‘Losing My Hair’, chugging along on a refrain of “I’m losing my ears but I still wanna rock, I’m losing my voice but I still wanna sing…”. Like Fugazi after a nervous breakdown or Big Black minus the innuendos, Avenging Force get straight to the point and create what could undoubtedly turn out to be their signature tune in the process.

Clocking in at just over 35 minutes, ‘The Avenging Force’ is a dramatic introduction for its creators and one that will certainly do them more good than harm in the long run. Loud, proud, and promising – that’s Avenging Force.


Dom Gourlay

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