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Downey, Jr. Influenced Ruffalo To Take Hulk Role

7th September 2010

MARK RUFFALO has credited ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. with inspiring him to join the AVENGERS cast - he wants to emulate his idol's superhero movie success.Ruffalo is preparing to play Dr. Bruce Banner and his monstrous...

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Longoria Parker To Join Avengers Movie?

27th July 2010

EVA LONGORIA PARKER is in talks to join the upcoming AVENGERS movie as superheroine THE WASP, according to a U.S. report.The Desperate Housewives star has reportedly met with film bosses on several occasions to audition...

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Renner Is An Avenger

4th June 2010

JEREMY RENNER is the latest celebrity superhero - he has signed up to star in the upcoming AVENGERS movie.The actor won an Academy Award nomination for his role in Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker, and...

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Hulk Versus Avengers?

22nd October 2008

Marvel president KEVIN FEIGE is looking to pit THE INCREDIBLE HULK against the AVENGERS in an upcoming movie - with the green monster as the villain. The studio head admits there are no plans as...

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The Things They Say 7128

11th February 2008

"I haven't really accomplished anything. The most accomplished thing I've done is to live this long." Veteran AVENGERS actor PATRICK MACNEE on reaching the grand age of 86. He celebrated his birthday on 6 February...

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Blackman 'My Breasts Were Too Big For Film'

7th February 2007

Veteran actress HONOR BLACKMAN had problems securing a film part when she was younger - her breasts were considered too big. The glamorous actress, who played BOND girl PUSSY GALORE in 1964s GOLDFINGER and...

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Who Minder: 'Keith And I Gassed Dogs'

13th July 2006

A roadie who worked for legendary rockers THE WHO has confessed to gassing dogs in a Detroit hotel. PETER 'DOUGAL' BUTLER has recalled how he and hellraising drummer KEITH MOON met AVENGERS star PATRICK MACNEE...

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Lumley Unsure About Memoirs

8th October 2004

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS star JOANNA LUMLEY had her doubts when she was first approached to write her memoirs. The former AVENGERS actress was unsure for months before she finally put pen to paper to write...

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Is Ab Fab Patsy A Man?

8th October 2003

British actress JOANNA LUMLEY has revealed a shocking possibility about her beloved ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS character PATSY STONE. The AVENGERS actress plays the man-eating, chain-smoking, champagne-quaffing aged 'it girl' opposite JENNIFER SAUNDERS' addled hippie EDINA...

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Eddie Izzard Upsets Savoy Staff

23rd June 2003

AVENGERS actor EDDIE IZZARD has infuriated staff at a London hotel by insisting his motorbike be allowed to stay in his room with him. The transvestite comedian was determined to keep a close eye...

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