Introducing: Avec Sans

'Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad. Whether they love it or hate it and while their deciding, make even more art', say Avec Sans, quoting art visionary Andy Warhol - and we certainly can't wait for more from them.

The London-based duo have been unveiling their hook-laden pop epics for around about a year and the increasing buzz surrounding them is certainly not unwarranted. Alice Fox and Jack St. James got together after frequently bumping into one another at the same gigs. 'We'd both previously been involved in bands since we were kids and we were in between projects at the same time', Alice revealed to us in a video interview. 'We have very similar influences and likes, but it was actually a friend of ours that suggested that we work together.'

Watch the video interview with Avec Sans here

It's just as well because their new single 'Shiver' is one hell of a powerful tune. A glittering dance track with enchanting vocals over a set of desperately gloomy lyrics about death. 'It's possibly one of, if not, my favourite Avec Sans songs so far', says Alice, with Jack adding, 'It's quite nice to write a slightly more straight-forward poppy style dance song.' As for the morbid subject matter, well, that's something you'll have to get used to as their songs 'are usually about something quite dark'. 

Listen to 'Shiver' by Avec Sans here:

'The Answer' is another favourite of theirs which, although was one of the first tunes they ever put online, has garnered a lot of recent interest. But Avec Sans struggle to pinpoint exactly what inspired them in creating these incredible tunes, stating that it's simply excellent music that influences their sound rather than definitive artists. 'You can't put a finger on any one particular influence. if it's good, it's influenced our sound', says Jack, though Alice reveals that inspiration is 'the point where you see art that someone else has created that you wish you'd created'.

Listen to 'The Answer' by Avec Sans here:

Avec Sans haven't been releasing music for very long, but their blossoming career has seem some impressive highlights. Back in November, they supported electro-pop act Little Boots at London's Heaven club - something that came about rather fortuitously when one of her other support acts dropped out. Not only that, but Jack has had an exciting time working closely with synth company Novation. 'I contacted the guys at Novation and told them I had this idea for using their Launch Pads and having it facing the crowd and having them not only as an instrument but as a light show and they were really into the idea', he explains. Another unexpected situation for the duo, as they initially weren't sure if live shows were ever going to become a part of their music anyway.

Alice Fox & Jack St. James

Avec Sans hope to hit the road again for some UK and overseas gigs in the near future but with no definite dates in the pipeline just yet we might have to wait a month or two before we see them play a venue near to you. They do, however, have an exciting new track set to be released soon (we hope), so keep an eye out for that!

Alice & Jack kindly made us a fantastic mix tape, which includes tracks from TV On The Radio, Kavinsky, Lorde and Hot Chip. 

Take a listen here:

Avec Sans 2013 Promo