The brooding young star knew he was too far away from a hospital to do much about his wound, so he just insisted on keeping the camera rolling until his blood started spurting all over his castmates.

He tells WENN, "All the fight stuff was quite intense. I got injured in the silliest way. I was doing all this difficult stuff, like riding chariots and jumping off them, and then I ran up this rock ridge and on the top of the ridge there was all this sharp, jagged rock.

"I got hit by one of the soldiers and the way I fell to the ground I sliced my hand open. It was really intense. I was really passionate about the scene, so just kept going, bleeding over my co-stars!

"I needed five or six stitches, but we were in the middle of the desert and we couldn't go to a place to get stitches, so I just had my hand stitched up at lunchtime. We didn't have trailers or anything, so the medic on set gave me stitches."