The Canadian pin-up and his male castmates were given beige Calvin Klein boxers and briefs to wear under their "dresses" to make sure there were no problematic wardrobe malfunctions during action and fight sequences, but Jogia admits the labels on the underwear could not be removed and he won't be surprised if there's a glimpse of a CK tag.

The former Victorious star tells WENN, "There's nothing more Egyptian than Calvin Kleins! They were dyed to my skin tone, so there were all these beige Calvin Kleins but they still had the Calvin Klein label on them, so that's not exactly covert!

"The idea was if you're running or fighting and the dress flies up you don't see white underwear, but I wonder if the Calvin Klein label makes an appearance in the film. After all, nothing gets between a pharaoh and his Calvins!"

Tut, which also stars Sir Ben Kingsley, debuts in America on Sunday (19Jul15).