Jude gets the surprise of his life when his biological father Les shows up at his adoptive mother's house in Vermont, ready to take him to Manhattan and become a real father to him. Jude is reluctant, given his father's questionable lifestyle and his drug-dealing ways, but the prospect of re-connecting with his friends Eliza and Johnny is tempting. Jude has more reason than most to hate the way his father makes money; it's not long since the death of his friend Teddy, who overdosed after a night out; and it's made even worse now that Les is in a relationship with Eliza's rich English mother Di. He has one escape though; his passion for straight-edge hardcore punk is at an all-time high and now that he's back with his friends, he can seize his guitar and play away the angst. Unfortunately, his peace isn't very long-lasting, because Eliza has one bombshell to drop that no-one was expecting - and it's going to change everything.

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