A job has opened up at Lastminute.com, and it appears to be the best thing ever. The travel site is looking for a ‘spontaneity champion’ – aka holiday tester – to travel to - and rate – locations. And get paid to do so. Go on holiday, take a picture, write a blog; get some money.

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The lucky candidate will be given a cool £50k worth of travel and ‘experiences’, which they will then spend on doing something different every week: from big breaks to Asia and New York, to city breaks in luxurious hotels in Europe.

The entire project is designed to give the company’s online presence, specifically their social media side, a facelift. Whoever is hired will provide the site with their primary online output, and they’ll be hoping the intrigue of the best job in the world will drive people towards their site, and ultimately booking holidays.

This isn’t the first time the ‘best job ever’ has been advertised. In August, online travel agents Jauntaroo tried to find a ‘Chief World Explorer’. This employee would be paid $100k to fly around the world; they were looking for someone who was "partial to naps and/or massages on pristine beaches."

And famously, in 2009, the Queensland tourism board advertised an opening for someone to live on the great barrier reef and look after the tropical islands. This was a stunt, but it didn’t stop 34,000 people from 200 countries applying. The marketing ploy generated more than $110m of global publicity from a $1m outlay.

But STA Travel has been at it for years, as it doesn’t appear to be a marketing stunt. They have a World Traveler Internship, which sees young people paid to go on holiday. All they have to do in return it make a video, take some photos and write about their experiences.