Fisherman Allan Saunders has been reliving the moment that a grey nurse shark chose to try and take a bite out of him of Crowdy Head in Australia.

Saunders is recovering from the incident in hospital, and revealed that the shark’s bite was so powerful that it left one of its teeth in his leg. "[It’s a] little calling card for me, thanks for lettin' her go," Allan Saunders said, according Australian Yahoo. The tooth had to be surgically removed after it got stuck in his shin bone. “I didn’t know what it was, it felt like if you’d been hit by 240 volts, like a power shock,” he said, recalling the incident, which came about as he and friends were fishing for mullet. Three grey nurse sharks ended up being caught in their nets and, though quickly released, one of them wasn’t too happy about the situation and returned to give Saunders a fright.

"[It] came back and gave me a kiss, thanks!” he laughed from his hospital bed, surely bunged up on morphine. Saunders said that he didn’t realise what had happened until he was told to lie down. "When I looked down and saw all the blood I knew I was bit, then I'm goin' ahh s**t” he said. The robust Australian plans to get out fishing again as soon as he’s made his recovery from hospital in Newcastle, though he does have a warning for anyone else on the beach at Crowdy Head: "The little kids that were swimming around there, playing, enjoying themselves, could have happened to one of [them].” It sure could, thankfully it didn’t, and thankfully Allan Saunders is still alive.