Review of Me & Mary Single by Asobi Seksu

Single review of Me & Mary by Asobi Seksu released through One Little Indian.

Asobi Seksu Me & Mary Single

Relatively unknown a year ago, as 2008 draws to a close the sigh of relief that Asobi Seksu are set to return any day soon with a new album can be heard from Newcastle to New York and back again. The overall impact of 2006's 'Citrus' may have taken time to build, but once the momentum got going there was no holding back, and already the early part of 2009 can't come soon enough.

'Me & Mary' is the first single taken from the as-yet untitled new record, and it's possibly Asobi Seksu's brightest, most pop-friendly moment thus far. Following on in a similar vein to 'New Year', its fast paced swirl of textured guitars and ethereal vocals sounding like an energised take on Lush, or even a more incessantly vibrant Slowdive that swoons with the stars from the first note to last.

Flipside 'Breathe Into Glass' finds the band, and vocalist Yuki Chikudate in particular, on a more introspective trail, swapping 'Me & Mary''s pop savvy for a more downbeat drone-like sound that echoes The Charlottes 'Love Happy' in an instant. Even then though, there is still a measured feeling - or should that be guess? - that the song will emerge from its chrysalis spouting re-invigorated wings at any minute.

Blissfully unassuming then and infectious without ever becoming annoying; Asobi Seksu, its good to have you back.

Dom Gourlay

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