Ashton Kutcher decided to curb his endless nights of drinking at his university fraternity house, when he learned of a fellow student's death.

The JUST MARRIED star was briefly enrolled at the University of Iowa to study biochemical engineering. And he admits his penchant for partying soon wavered when he heard the details of a young man's demise on campus.

He recalls, "I partied hard for the first three months of college. Then I saw my (grade point average) start to take a nosedive and had to get it back on track.

"In my fraternity we had a, like, two-storey beer bong - basically, someone had to go to the second storey to fill it up and you never knew what they were filling it up with. It was crazy. But then some kid died on campus, so...

"Before you got into my fraternity, they dragged (the pledges) around the whole campus and showed us this one fraternity that had been shut down after this kid had died because he drank too much and choked on his own vomit. I think it happened the year before, so everybody on campus was taking it back a notch."

23/03/2005 02:54