Ashton Kutcher's twin brother MICHAEL has been left devastated after the PUNK'D star left him out of his wedding celebrations at the weekend (24SEP05).

Red-faced Michael slammed reports that his brother and actress Demi Moore had wed when he was contacted by the media at the weekend, insisting that he'd be at the ceremony if there was one.

But now it looks like Ashton's surprise low-key wedding was as much of a shock to him as it was to fans and gossips.

And Michael's wife MELISSA has blasted her brother-in-law for wrecking his twin's dreams of being the best man at his wedding.

Melissa says, "Michael is absolutely crushed. He was looking forward to being Ashton's best man at his wedding."

Ashton's bitter sister-in-law claims Moore was behind the decision not to invite certain members of her new husband's family to the wedding - because the actress has never liked them.

Melissa snipes, "I've always felt that Demi thinks Ashton's family is working class and uneducated and not sophisticated enough to be around."