Ashton Kutcher has taken aim at his pop idol Prince for replacing his hits with improvised jazz sessions at his concerts - because he just wants to hear the hitmaker perform Purple Rain.
The actor was thrilled when he heard Prince would be performing at the recent Time magazine Most Influential People gala - but was disappointed when the superstar hit the stage.
He says, "Prince makes me so mad. I like Prince but he does this thing, like, he doesn't wanna play any of his hits and so he does, like, these two-hour jazz interludes, where it's just the band and he, like, goes off to the side.
"I wanna see Prince, I want you to sing Purple Rain, I want you to do, like, the songs that I know and like.
"John Mayer plays My Body is a Wonderland when you go to his concerts and I feel like he's singing to me... Play the good songs."