Actor Ashton Kutcher has become an unofficial spokesman for World Malaria Day - and he's using the internet to ask everyone to embrace the fight against the deadly disease.
On Monday (06Apr09), the star peppered his blog with posts, urging fans to take time out on 25 April (09) to support the cause.
He writes, "Let's rally the troops on World Malaria Day... If we all rally we can make malaria a thing 4 history books (so) that we all say, 'I can't believe people use to die from that.'
"Why focus on malaria? The cure exists. $10 saves a life I know we can do this. Every 30 seconds a child dies from Malaria. (Mosquito) Nets save lives. Support World Malaria Day."
Malaria affects more than 500 million people each year and kills between one and three million.