Ashton Kutcher cleverly promoted his forthcoming Steve Jobs biopic on Twitter this week, posting a photo of himself dressed as the late Apple co-founder. With Jobs' signature beard and mock turtleneck, Kutcher's resemblance was uncanny and he superimposed the tech giant's head onto his, highlighting the similarity.

"Thank you Sundance for your support of 'Jobs,'" Kutcher added on Twitter. In reality, the movie earned mixed reviews, with many critic questioning how capably the actor embodied Jobs' spirit. Justin Chang of Variety said, "Avoids outright hagiography, but more or less embodies the sort of bland, go-with-the-flow creative thinking Jobs himself would have scorned." Ed Gibbs, writing for The Guardian, said, "This is far from the bomb some would have envisaged, but neither is it the character illumination one would wish for." Sebastian Doggart of The Daily Telegraph was equally impressed, suggesting, "The poverty of [Kutcher's] skills as a serious actor is on full display."

Though nobody can deny Kutcher's likeness to the Apple founder, it seems audiences waiting for a comprehensive big-screen biopic of Jobs will have to wait for Aaron Sorkin's project, currently in development. The movie will play out in just three scenes, the first being the launch of the Mac, the second being NeXT after he had left Apple and the last being the iPod. "There will be no time cuts and each will take place before a product launch. Backstage before a product launch," Sorkin told the Daily Beast. 

As yet, it is unclear who will play Steve Jobs in the movie. 

Watch The jOBS Trailer: