The Steve Jobs biopic, titled jOBS has had its premier at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. A clip released last week raised hopes about the film, which saw Ashton Kutcher do what seemed to be a surprisingly good jobs as Jobs, as reviews roll in it appears that those hopes were entirely unfounded.

"Casting a figure of such immense social and cultural import was never going to be easy. Kudos, then, to Ashton Kutcher who, while hardly topping film-makers's wish lists, delivers a surprisingly effective turn as the man," writes the Guardian. "The problem with Stern's film isn't his leading man, then, as many would have expected, but rather everything around him." 

The Telegraph gives jOBS just one star out of five and is no where near as sold on Kutcher as the Guardian "Matthew Whiteley's episodic, superficial script makes an almighty mess of it," writes their reviewer Sebastian Doggart. "[W]here the film completely falls down is in director Joshua Michael Stern's disastrous decision to cast Ashton Kutcher in the central role... The poverty of his skills as a serious actor is on full display." 

The Hollywood Reporter was kinder, but still weren't particularly impressed by either the cast or the direction, and say that the movie lacks dynamism, adding that the filmmakers "fall into the trap of overly sentimentalizing a widely beloved public figure". 

All in all, it really doesn't sound good. jOBS wont be hitting cinemas for another few months, but even when it does, it appears that the best bet would be to avoid it all together.