Having starred in Jobs – maybe starred is a strong word considering the reviews – it’s clear where Ashton Kutcher’s mind is: Fantasy Football. Perhaps we’re getting a clearer picture of why he couldn’t capture the essence of a man considered a captain of industry before he died.

Ashton KutcherAshton Kutcher at the Jobs premiere

The actor admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he gave one of his staff the job of looking after certain aspects of his Fantasy Football team, which, as is evidenced by Two and A Half Men, can make people do silly things. “I actually have a member of my staff who is dedicated to research and analysis in fantasy football,” the 35-year-old actor confessed to Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night.

“I’m a little OCD about it, when they started putting it on Thursdays they blew it,” Kutcher said on on the show. “Everything (I do) is to make it to have Sunday off so I could just watch Football - and then they started showing these Thursday football league which completely threw off my fantasy football league.”

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Kutcher as Jobs as received a bit of a critical mauling. In fact, quite a big one; it managed 25% on Rotten Tomatoes and with reviews like, “Jobs is the equivalent of a feature-length slow clap,” coming from Vulture, it’s clear that a great opportunity has been passed up. And considering Kutcher spent most of his time either tinkering with his Fantasy Football team or getting someone else to do his dirty work, it’s not difficult to see why his turn as the former Apple man didn’t quite come off.