As the first video from jOBS starring Ashton Kutcher is revealed, all our worries about his casting seem to be melting away.

"How does somebody know what they want if they've never even seen it?" Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs asks in this first preview clip of jOBS, the Steve Jobs biopic. Indeed, we had all questioned Kutcher's suitability for the role of Jobs prior to this clip. He was in Dude, Where's My Car? and some rubbish rom-com with the late Brittany Murphy, not exactly the pedigree of actor you want to be playing the man behind all thing 'i'. How would the world function now without the iPhone? Anyway, a clip has now been released of Kutcher playing Jobs and it might be true that we don't know what we want until we've seen it. Kutcher seems alright. 

Josh Gad's Steve Wozniak is perhaps even better. Endearing and appropriately geeky, his curled whorls are enough to make any woman jealous (you may recognise Gad from an episode of New Girl, in which he played 'Bear Claw'). All in all, it's looking fairly good and while we wont eat our dismissive words just yet, we're certainly more hopeful that the outcome of jOBS will be a good one. Not least because of Gad's own recommendation of Kutcher to EW: "Ashton is nothing short of extraordinary and transformational in this movie... His level of commitment forced everyone else to rise up."