Actress Ashley Judd is a passionate advocate for reproductive rights after learning her sister WYNONNA was almost robbed of her life.

The DOUBLE JEOPARDY star - a devout Christian - learned her own mother considered an abortion when it was illegal in America and has since urged politicians to improve sex education in schools to prevent the "tragic deaths" of millions of unborn foetuses.

Judd says, "My mother always talks about how she chose not to have an abortion when she was pregnant with Wynonna.

"I'm like, `Mom, it was illegal at that time. That's why you didn't.' My own grandmother tried to push her off a ladder."

Judd insists that although she's pro-choice, she'd like American authorities to increase sex education - because that would prevent many unwanted pregnancies.

She adds, "If we were truly a civilised country, these things would available in all languages, for people of all socioeconomic classes. Then, women wouldn't have unwanted pregnancies to terminate."

25/07/2004 21:28