Actress Ashley Judd still can't believe she is married to a three-time Indianapolis 500 race winner, and finds it hard to put the pride she feels for Dario Franchitti into words.
Sitting down for her first official interview with her mum Naomi on the country star's upcoming satellite radio talk show, the Frida star admits she's "annoyingly proud" of the Scottish racing driver - and still cannot process the fact that he has won one of the world's most famous car challenges three times.
She says, "The reality is winning the Indianapolis 500 is almost an impossibility. I think finishing the race is in and of itself something a lot of drivers never have the opportunity to do.
"To win it once is life changing. To win it three times... is just this unspeakable achievement."
And mum Naomi is just as big a fan of her "humble" Scottish son-in-law.
During the Sirius XM studio chat, which was recorded on Tuesday (05Jun12), she said, "I adore this guy... He is gallant."
Franchitti won the Indianapolis 500 for the third time last month (May12).