Not even being leaked a month early could halt A$AP Rocky’s album Long.Live A$AP going straight in at the top of the US Billboard charts, and the rapper was understandably thrilled about it.

In what is a major label debut for the hip-hop artist, Long.Live A$AP went in at number one with sales of 139,000 copies – this in spite of the record being available on the internet up to a month before its official release. It was something Rocky was keen to point out as he spoke to MTV, commenting “Let's really think back on this, my joint leaked a month early. Like this is a crazy, this is a blessing, yo. The fact that we're sitting here talking about ... having a #1 album is just crazy alone because we leaked a month early ... a whole month."

The Pitch Perfect soundtrack and long-time loiterers Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars made up the rest of the top five, and Rocky enthused "They didn't have to go buy it because everybody listened to it for free. That means that people just really wanted to support. It must mean that the proof is in the pudding and people appreciate art again. I'm just thankful man." It’s the artist’s third LP and comfortably his most commercially successful yet, suggesting big things lie in wait.

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