What Does Russell Brand Think of David Cameron? Have a Guess

While Russell Brand’s thoughts on British Prime Minister are pretty easy to predict, it’s funny to actually hear them. The 38-year-old comedian was forthright with his opinions on the man charged with looking after a nation, and he used bad words.

Russell BrandRussell Brand didn't hold anything back

A guest on Alan Carr’s Channel 4 comedy talk show, Chatty Man, Brand had license to be candid. An interview on the BBC wouldn’t have allowed such opinion to be openly aired. We’ll cut to the chase, he called him a “posh w--nker”.

Sitting on Carr’s sofa, Brand said: “If you’re always cutting benefits and being horrible, it’s because you don’t know how to f--k properly. I think if your job is to look after the country and you don’t care about the people who need it most, you’re out of order, and you’re a filthy, dirty, posh w--ker,” he argued, according to The Independent.

“It’s alright if you go to Eton and then you’re in the House of Parliament. It’s alright for them to say “oh don’t worry about gay rights, don’t worry about poor people”, because it’s not part of their lives, but it’s part of our lives,” said the actor and comedian.

David CameronDavid Cameron isn't exactly Russell Brand's favourite person

Brand has never been shy to let people know how he feels about world issues. His favourite thing to talk about – after his history of drug abuse – is politics. He recently pleaded with the younger generation to start a revolution by not voting, to which Robert Webb penned an open letter, pleaded him to “read some f--king Orwell.”

Jeremy Paxman, though, is in full support of the funnyman. The journalist admitted to not voting after interviewing Brand, even though he gave him a real grilling.


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