President Obama Requests "No Spoilers" For 'House Of Cards' Season 2

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President Barack Obama has requested that America, and the rest of the world for that matter, keep any news of House of Cards season 2 to themselves, at least until he has time to watch it!

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama tweets "No spoilers, please."

President Obama took to Twitter on Thursday (13th February), evidently excited about the release of the second season of the hit drama on Netflix. The President tweeted "Tomorrow: House of Cards. No spoilers, please."

As all thirteen episodes of House of Cards were immediately made available for streaming on Netflix on Friday (14th February) it was quite possible to watch all 13 episodes within a day. For the binge watchers among us, this was heaven. Sadly for Obama, running one of the world's most influential countries and caring for his family, doesn't allow much time to spend thirteen hours watching Kevin Spacey, as Frank Underwood, manipulate his way into the White House. 

House of Cards, based on the British television series of the same name, stars Kevin Spacey as Congressman Frank Underwood whose goal in life is to manipulative, bully and blackmail his way to the White House. His wife Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, has an agenda of her own which is only matched by the machinations of Frank's journalist lover, Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara). Without spoiling anything for the President, in the first episode there's a major death and a life changing decision from Claire. 

The President presumably also spent a busy Valentine's Day with his wife, Michelle Obama and he tweeted in honour of her. On the day in question, he wrote "Here's the truth: Michelle Obama is still the best Valentine," and attached a photograph of him kissing her cheek. Hopefully President Obama will let us know on his highly active Twitter account if House of Cards was part of his Valentine's Day celebrations and what he thought of it!

House of Cards season 2 is available on Netflix now. 


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