Emma Watson Shares Her Biblically Grotty Styling Tips At 'Noah' Press Call

Want that unwashed, straight-outta-Genesis fieldworker look but not sure how you can attain such physical degradation? Well your favourite actress, Emma Watson, is here to tell you how to look Bible on a budget thanks to the cheeky style tips she snagged whilst filming for Darren Aronofsky's latest epic, Noah.

Emma Watson
During The 'Noah' Press Call, Emma Watson Revealed how She Honed Her Character's Bible Look.

Speaking at the recent press call for the movie, Emma made sure to answer the question on everyone's lips after seeing the English actress' scenes in the film: how to get her look for less. "[I was] a bit greasy, didn't shower too much," Watson revealed when MTV News asked her about her Noah look, in Los Angeles.

In the movie, Watson plays Ila, the wife of Noah's (Russell Crowe) firstborn son, Shem (Douglas Booth), who has to tick off surviving a supernatural deluge, battling armour-clad warriors and placating the wrath of the unseen Creator in addition to her usual list of subjugated biblical female chores. It may be surprising for some, but life for women back in 2500BC wasn't exactly The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so Ila's personal styling would have had to reflect her daily toils.

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To further her commitment to her character's bohemian festival vibe, Watson also revealed that she drank three month-old stagnant water, probably to develop an edgy cholera-contracted pallor. Apparently the director loved her dietary choice and told her "use it for the scene" when the 23 year-old actress complained of feeling a little too ill. We don't think Gwyneth Paltrow is stocking the water on GOOP yet but keep your eyes peeled for a new wave of stagnant brands hitting health shop shelves.

"I actually had a bob at the time, and obviously that's not going to work for a biblical movie," Watson shared "So we had to figure out how we were going to adapt that." Working alongside American Hustle and Watchmen costume designer Michael Wilkinson and the film's makeup department, Watson went through multiple hairpieces to get her bob to work. But sadly, Watson's naturally sleek haircut wasn't meant to make it to film.

Emma Watson Late Show With David Letterman
The Actress Revealed That Dreadlocks Were Key To Achieving Ila's Unwashed Look.

Luckily someone had a brainwave and soon Emma was rocking a style that was both covetable and grotty. "You could see that it didn't look very real because I had short hair," Watson continued. "My hair and makeup artist was like, 'Why don't we just give you dreads?'" That lust-worthily grime-infested barnet you catch the Urban Outfitters models rocking next season? You saw it here first!

Noah will be released on the 28th March in the US and on the 4th April in the UK.

More: 'Noah' has been banned in several Middle Eastern countries due to religious clashes - read their reasoning here.

More: Styling lessons aside, critics haven't adored 'Noah' so far - read an early round-up.

Noah Emma Watson
Emma Works Her Latest Look In Darren Aronofsky's Biblical Epic, 'Noah.'


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