Macaulay Culkin's Pizza-Themed Tribute Act Receives Death Threats From Fellow Pizza-Themed Act

Few people could have seen Macaulay Culkin's pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute act, the imaginatively called The Pizza Underground, coming when it emerged on Bandcamp last month, but even fewer people would have seen the latest revelation in this doughy drama coming either. It turns out The Pizza Underground aren't the only pizza-themed act functioning in New York, and the 'original' pizza-based band are angry as hell that someone stole their niche.

Macaulay Culkin
Pizza-themed bands are more popular in New York as Macaulay anticipated

Personal & the Pizzas formed in 2010 and thought their unique brand of dough-based was unequaled in the New York music scene until Culkin's band began to generate a buzz. The idea that another act were profiting from their formula irked frontman Personal so much that he has since threatened violence again the former child star and the rest of his band mates, going as far to even threatening to "kill" the band before suing them.

"First we’re gonna kill em. Then! we’re gonna sue 'em," Personal told eMusic. "Don't mess with the fuckin’ Pizzas, prick. I can reed motherfucker. I can reed!"

Whilst Personal & the Pizzas perform their own material, The Pizza Underground perform covers of songs made popular by The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed, changing certain lyrics to reference pizza. The Pizza Underground have songs like 'I'm Waiting for Delivery Man,' 'Cheese Days,' 'I'm Beginning to Eat the Slice,' 'All The Pizza Parties' and 'Take A Bite of the Wild Slice' in their repertoire , whilst Personal and co. have songs like 'Peperoni Eyes.' The songs don't sound the same, but cover the same kind of theme, which is why we think Personal is so pissed off. He also fronts a band dedicated to pizza, so he probably isn't the most stable musician working today.

The Pizza Underground had begun to develop a small following online when they released a collection of demos on to their Bandcamp page in November, with the band eventually gaining major attention thanks to Culkin's involvement. Earlier this week (12 Dec.) the band performed their first concert at the the Sidewalk Cafe in New York, using pizza boxes instead of percussion instruments. You can check out a clip of their performance below (it's as bad as you'd expect).

Macaulay Culkin
Maybe Culkin could star in a fried-chicken tribute act next


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