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What is a SCIENTOLOGIST? (Also-known-as A RONBOT) He/she is a person who now believes that all Illnesses, accidents, foul-ups come ONLY from being associated with a Suppressive Person (SP) or Critic. If ORDERED he will permanently disconnect from family and/or friends accused as being SPs. That also includes ABANDONING children who may criticize the cult and ABORTING babies. His children as young as 8 years old will be imprisoned if he disobeys, in special “Rehabilitation Project Force” camps, and made to work 10 hours 24/7 without pay. He too will be imprisoned for thinking or acting as a Free-man or a Free-woman. He is NOT allowed to read, talk with, listen to, research, Google, marry, date, work, donate, help any SPs or view websites critical of the cult. But he will attack, abuse, felony stalk (Fla. Stat § 784.048.), lie, Cyber stalk, betray, cheat, steal, harass and do any crime to protect the cult. He is a brain-washed trapped sub-human, because his confessionals WILL be used to ruin his job, career, fame or reputation or freedom if he does not do as ordered. INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGISTS are free thinking men and women and NOT slaves or Ronbots. Celebrities are never allowed to know the real Godless Cult of Greed and Sin. The facts are exposed here: http://theronbothunter.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/every-fraud-scam-dirty-trick-ttreason-and-crime-by-scientology-exposed/ THE RONBOT HUNTER ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

1 year 7 months ago
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