Justin Bieber's Drugs Remain Safe In Police Search

This week Justin Bieber has much bigger troubles than a few eggs hurled at the wrong neighbor’s house. When the cops raided his house on Tuesday, the place was covered in various drug paraphernalia, according to TMZ.

Justin Bieber, Believe World Premiere
Off duty, Justin Bieber likes to unwind with a number of illicit substances.

There were reportedly two cookie jars full of pot, 4 or 5 empty codeine bottles strewn across the house, 3 bongs – one in the TV room and two conveniently located in the kitchen – as well as lots of “swisher sweets” (a popular method of smoking marijuana) scattered around the house. Empty Styrofoam cups with various doodles on them also suggest that Bieber and co. consume Sizzurp on a regular basis.

Justin Bieber
The police found an alarming number of drug-related items at JB's.

However (get ready for this), the Boyfriend singer hasn’t gotten in trouble over the drugs found at his place, because apparently they weren’t what the police were looking for. The officers were there on the hunt for surveillance recordings that could implicate Justin and seizing some of the drug paraphernalia could have exceeded the search warrant.

Not that there wasn’t abundant cause for concern. According to TMZ, the singer is so into his habits that he even has a dedicated pot-smoking room, complete with hookah pipe – as much as some people hate to think about it, those teen pop records have earned him more than enough cash for such luxuries. TMZ’s trusted source claims that before the cops arrived, some of Justin’s pals tried to flush part of the drugs down the toilet. Given the police’s reaction, it seems they didn’t have to bother.

Justin Bieber
Beliebers needn't worry - Justin got off scott free


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