Jennifer Lawrence Freaks Out After Reporter Spoils 'Homeland': "I Feel Like My Heart Just Fell Out" [Video]

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Jennifer Lawrence may be one of the nicest actresses in Hollywood but just watch what happens when you ruin the shocking ending of her favourite television programme. Whilst being interviewed on the SAG Awards red carpet, the Oscar-winning actress spotted her favourite Homeland cast member, Damian Lewis, who was being interviewed not far away.

Jennifer Lawrence
Can Jennifer Lawrence Ever Recover From Learning The Mother Of All 'Homeland' Spoilers?

After having one of her characteristic Jack Nicholson-star struck episodes, Lawrence soon attracted the attention of Lewis, who plays the CIA drama's Nicholas Brody alongside Claire Danes. He moved over and gave the blushing actress a big hug. "Your show is amazing," she gushed, adding "my ears are so red, aren't they?" in embarrassment. "Not as red as my hair," the ginger-haired English actor joked in response.

Watch The Moment When Access Hollywood Spoiled 'Homeland' For Jennifer Lawrence:

The Access Hollywood reporter, Shaun Robinson, was clearly loving the cross-interview scene playing out before the cameras but for some reason decided to ruin it all by dropping a bomb into the American Hustle actress' joy. "You know they killed him off," she said matter-of-factly. "They killed him off!" yelled Damian's interviewer, Laura Saltman, before Jennifer's casually added "Yeah, they killed him off on the show."

Damian Lewis
Jennifer's Idol, Damian Lewis, Did His Best At Trying To Control The Damage...It Was Too Late.

Lewis was the first to react, shouting exasperatedly "Don't tell her; it's a spoiler!" whilst watching the colour drained from Lawrence's face as she stood dumb-founded. Despite the reporters' attempts to laugh the incident off and pretend they'd both been having a joke, Jennifer didn't look like she was having fun anymore. "I can't process this right now, not in front of the cameras," she said, as Lewis joked "They've been doing this all day to everyone."

It wasn't clear whether Jennifer's anguish was deadly serious or just for the cameras. "I can't believe you said that [...] I haven't watched the third season [...] I can't believe you did that," she said. "I don't even know what to say," a shocked Lawrence said, hands on hips whilst the mortified reporter practically dissolved into the red carpet. "I'm so horrible," screeched Robinson. Luckily, by this point, the actress was laughing, saying "I gotta get it together."

Jennifer Lawrence SAG Awards
You Won't Like Her When She's Angry: The Access Hollywood Reporter Is Safe...For Now.

"Please don't be mad at me," pleaded Robinson. "I'm past mad, it's this weird other emotion [...] I feel like my heart just fell out," explained Jennifer, giggling "You are a monster." Sure, it's a serious case of 'first world problems' but doesn't it just suck when someone spoils your favourite show?


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