Jared Leto Suggests Jennifer Lawrence Is Fake: Did He Say What We're All Thinking? - Comments and Message Board

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Elizabeth Stipetich's picture

Elizabeth Stipetich

lol All I gotta say about this is, even if Jennifer is a fake (which I totally don't believe she is), at least she's not being unreasonably obnoxious like Miley Cyrus or Madonna.

8 months 2 weeks ago
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lupina87's picture


Laughing at this shitty article. First of all and aparently Jared told that as a joke. Second of all, Jennifer is the less fake actress I've ever seen. If you've seen her interviews (which I don't think) you can see that the less she wants its to be in the top of the press. She just wants to act and she has a great personality bit at the same time she doesn't have a filter and people can misunderstood her words. I'm so tired of people calling Jennifer fake cause she's totally the opposite

9 months 2 weeks ago
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Eugenio Crespo's picture

Eugenio Crespo

This coming from Leto, just looking at him makes me uncomfortable because of how fake he is.

9 months 2 weeks ago
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