Exactly How Many Harry Potter Spin Offs Are There Going to Be!?

We get the idea: when you’ve got one of the highest grossing movies of all time under your control, it would be foolish not to milk it a bit. But with Warner Bros. trademarking yet another part of the Harry Potter universe, it got us wondering, could every single future film be a Potter spin off or some kind?

So far, Warner Bros. have got their hands on Scamander, the Tales Of Beedle The Bard, Quidditch Through The Ages, the name of quidditch expert Kennilworthy Whisp and team names Wimbourne Wasps, Chudley Cannons and Kenmare Kestrels. (Bleeding Cool)

This suggests the Quidditch spin off is nailed on. This comes in addition to the trademark of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, which, as Warner Bros. announced earlier on this month, is set for a cinematic reimagining from page to screen. Fans of the Potter franchise – and there are plenty of those – will be delighted to see their universe explored further via the medium of cinema.

But they won’t be expecting to see their films’ original stars, as Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have all gone on to do more adult-themed drama. The films were a huge success, and predicate the desire for Warner Bros. to make more.

Like The Lord of The Rings trilogy was followed by The Hobbit, Harry Potter has its own set of spin-offs ready to mop up any residual fan love. And considering the eight potter films took a collective $7.7 billion (£4.9 billion) at the box office worldwide - making Harry Potter the highest-grossing film franchise ever – there should be plenty of that love left to give.

Harry PotterCopyright: Warner Bros. - Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets.


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