Human Barbie Posts "Workout" Video, Gets International Media Coverage

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Like her plastic counterpart, Valeria Lyukanova or Human Barbie as she has bee dubbed oline, knows how to promote herself. A few weeks ago it was racist comments in an interview, now it’s an exercise video… they do say all publicity is good publicity. Yesterday, the 28-year-old online star with doll-like proportions took to youtube to share her workout routine. Well, it wasn’t so much her workout routine, as it was gratuitous shots of her posing at the gym, at the beach, in a locker room, etc. Still, it probably counts as some sort of motivation, maybe?

Lyukanova herself has said that her extreme physical transformation wasn’t done for its own sake. Apparently the Ukrainian-born Blonde has a spiritual message – many of them, in fact – that she wants to share with the world. Unfortunately, she believes that the world won’t listen to someone who isn’t attractive. Hense the bleach blonde hair, overdrawn eyes and hours at the gym. The video doesn’t appear to be linked to any further projects of Lyukanova’s – unless it turns out to be an obscure bit of promotion, it looks like the internet sensation just felt like stoking the flames a bit.

The new video, in which Lyukanova doesn’t utter a single word, already has over 800,000 views as of writing this. The comments range from the classic “leave her alone” to the (sadly also classic) abuse. For her part, Lyukanova hasn’t shown the slightest bit of interest in listening to critics in the past. And, if the video is anything to go by, she’s living the good life – cocktails and seaside views included. 

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