Bradley Cooper Is Out! Could One Of These Actors Replace Harrison Ford As Indiana Jones?

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Chill out internet, Bradley Cooper will not be playing Indiana Jones in a reboot of the movies, we repeat, he will not be playing Indiana Jones! Rumours that the Silver Linings Playbook actor would replace Harrison Ford for a fifth Indiana Jones film have been staunchly denied by all involved. Although we have to admit, we reckon Bradley would make a pretty great Indy. At least think about it, Disney?

It’s nowhere near certain that a new Indiana Jones film is in the works, but if there is, and they are looking to replace veteran star Ford, then we suggest one of these actors instead.

joseph gordon levitt indiana jonesJoseph Gordon-Levitt gets our vote to play Indiana Jones

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently one of the hottest Hollywood actors and while he may only be 33, over his 26 year career he’s played a huge variety of roles. He’s proven that he has the credentials to play an action role as well, starring in Looper and The Dark Knight Rises. He’s always energetic in his roles and has proven in stints such as 3rd Rock from the Sun that he’s also a superb comic actor. Gordon-Levitt is our number one choice to play the next Indiana Jones.

matt damon indiana jonesIs Matt Damon Indiana Jones material?

Matt Damon has proved countless times that he’s a versatile actor with a real flair for action. Damon’s days as Jason Bourne are enough to prove to anyone that he’s a natural in the stunt department, plus it's hard not to like him in anything he does.  He just seems like an all round nice guy.  Whether this is enough to bag him the role of Indiana Jones, we're not sure.

josh brolin indiana jonesIs manly Labor Day star Josh Brolin a good choice to play Indy?

Admit it folks, Josh Brolin just looks like he should be Indiana Jones. Not only is he a virtuoso actor, he’s also got that masculine action star look to him, we can totally imagine him swinging through a temple, clutching a priceless relic in one hand and Marion Ravenwood in the other.

clive owen indiana jonesCould British Clive Owen fill Harrison Ford's boots?

He may be a Brit but Clive Owen is the type of rugged, masculine actor that would be ideal to play Indiana Jones. But does he have the necessary comedic streak to play the adventuring professor?  Owen was once considered to play James Bond, and what is Indiana Jones but Bond in a temple?

Disney are probably going to be pretty busy with the whole Star Wars Episode VII thing, so we doubt that a new Indiana Jones movie is going to be coming out anytime soon. In the meantime all we want to know is whether Harrison Ford would be up for reprising the role. With rumours that he’ll once again be behind the steering wheel (if that’s what you could call it) of the Millennium Falcon, he could be set to have a very busy few years if a fifth Indiana Jones film is thrown into the mix as well.

MORE: Bradley Cooper is NOT the new Indiana Jones.  Got that, internet?

MORE: Harrison Ford wants new Indiana Jones film

Watch Matt Damon protecting his bald head from the cold weather:


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