Charlie Sheen - This Year's Halloween TV Line-Up Is One Part Gore, One Part Comedy And Plenty Of Cheesiness To Top It Off

Halloween is upon us and with that – the less than sober antics of those who’ve boldly chosen to go outside in their togas and cat costumes and make the most noise they possibly can. While we spare a thought for those brave souls, however, the rest of us are saving up energy for the weekend and tucking in with some spooky (if a bit cheesy) HallowTV.

We kick off at 6.30PM, or rather Spike TV does, with the 2009 flop Halloween 2, and if you need some added incentive to watch, look no further than the synopsis: “Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield to resolve some unfinished family business and kills everyone in his path before coming face-to-face with his most-formidable adversary to date.” If that doesn’t get you axe-tatic, we don’t know what will.

Then at 7PM rolls around with the good ol’ Addams Family (1991 version) on ABC Family. This one really needs no introduction. Other channels will be trying to compete with Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (SyFy) and The Descent: Part 2 (LOGO.)

At 7.30, FX will go all telekinetic on us with Paranormal Activity 2, while WPIX starts airing coverage from the annual New York City Halloween parade. And of course, Cartoon Network will go the classic route with 2010’s Scooby Doo: Camp Scare.

Check out the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer below.

8PM is reserved for comedy and all time Halloween favorites. There’s lots to choose from. Over on NBC, SNL will come at a rather unusual time for a Halloween special full of seasonal hits. Meanwhile, several networks have opted for the movie route – It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown airs on ABC, with The Lost Boys (VH1), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (OVATN) and Saw III (IFC) all vying for your attention as well.

At 8.30 there’s The Millers on CBS and Ghostbusters on Comedy Central, while 9PM sees the start of a Halloween special of Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), the 1993 Addams Family movie on ABC Family, Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned on LOGO, as well as a face-off between two iconic film slashers in Freddy vs. Jason.

At 9.30 FX airs its Halloween special of Anger Management (“Charlie and the Devil” sounds like a promising title) and at 10, the channel will opt for another Halloween favorite – the original Paranormal Activity.

Charlie Sheen, Scary Movie 5 Premiere
Charlie Sheen on Halloween night? Well, it's an option.

At 10.30 be ready for plenty of gore over on IFC with Saw IV (another favorite for this time of year) and if that’s not to your liking, you can cap off the night with The Haunting Of … on (LMN). Sounds like a packed schedule for TV junkies, so crack open the pumpkin pie and get the candy corn ready for trick-or-treaters (we’d advise against ingesting any of it yourself) and settle in for a nice night in front of the TV. Who said you couldn’t have fun at home… well, at least there’s always the weekend.


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