Heart-Racing 'Gravity' Trailer Released As October Release Inches Closer

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After months of being tantalised with intriguing and hauntingly beautiful Gravity teaser clips, we finally have our first, full-length official trailer that makes us more excited about the upcoming Alfonso Cuarón-directed space thriller than ever.

Gravity Movie Still
Sandra & George's Performance As Two Astronauts Has Been Praised.

The trailer, released a month ahead of Gravity's early October theatrical release date fleshes out the stark clips we'd been teased with and reveals more of the action scenes as George Clooney and Sandra Bullock struggle as two astronauts adrift in space after their shuttle is damaged by space debris. We are reminded of the odds faced by our astronauts as they float "372 miles above the earth." An on-screen blurb reads "There is nothing to carry sound. No air pressure, no Oxygen. Life in space is impossible."

Watch The Full-Length Gravity Trailer:

The movie has impressed critics at the Venice Film Festival where it premiered last week. Reviewers admired the film's stunning cinematography, including vast, first person space-scapes, despite some remarking that the plotline could have been stronger. However, James Cameron, director of the massive Aliens and Avatar franchises, praised his fellow director's work as "the best space film ever done."

"I think it's the best space photography ever done, I think it's the best space film ever done, and it's the movie I've been hungry to see for an awful long time," Cameron gushed, as reported by Cinema Blend.

Gravity plays on everyone's fears: what would it be like to be stranded in space? How long would I last for? Such fears are rendered dramatically with 3D-primed shots and the creeping claustrophobia of spacesuit imprisonment is chillingly conveyed. Some aspects of the film's space imaged have been likened to that of a scientific documentary, rather than an A-list action thriller; the director of photography Emmanuel Lubezki (Burn After Reading, Children of Men) is to thank for that.

Gravity George Clooney
How On Earth Will The Flaoting Astronauts Return Home?

The film stars Clooney and Bullock...and only Clooney and Bullock as two astronauts who are working upon a space station when their calm idyll of looking at the earth and tinkering with instruments takes a disastrous turn. Things go awry when their craft is hit by debris as they're performing a spacewalk. They have to work together to save each other's lives and find a way of returning to earth.

Gravity will be released on the 4th October in the USA and the 8th November in the UK.

Watch the teaser trailer for Gravity:


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