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While I see what you are trying to say about Grant Morrison maybe expecting too much when it came to Man of Steel not being innovative enough, I take offense to your comment "Graphic Novels, which, let's face it, are just comic books", as it comes across like you're saying they are meant for kids, and not adults. That they can't be adult literature that have deeper themes and messages underneath. That they are akin to fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't fairy tales and nursery rhymes meant to teach kids about morals and life lessons? To teach children right from wrong? To have a theme or message underneath so I child learns values, like sharing, respect and love? What is wrong to expect a movie, even a "comic book" movie, to leave us with a moral lesson underneath the entertainment? Shouldn't we as adults want to see a movie that isn't just fun, but leaves a lasting message with us to want to watch it again and again? Something we want to share with our kids? I for one think it's not a bad thing to want to see a movie have a heart and a moral message underneath. To go in with expectations to have fun and be entertained, but come out thinking about how we should act in society, Something Superman makes us aspire to be, a reason he has been an enduring character for 75 years. And in my view, Man of Steel didn't have any values or real morals. They started to build the message that being a hero takes sacrifice, but then the writing and direction became sloppy near the end, and in my opinion, that message was thrown away so they could focus instead on disaster porn. (And I guess I'm not part of the general viewing public who just likes to see as much destruction and action as possible thrown at the screen like Micheal Bay on steroids, because I got bored of it pretty quickly) And when it came time to have your character, who is suppose to represent the image of all the things that humans can aspire to become (that's why it's a fantasy, a fairy tale, a story that is suppose to inspire us, it's not suppose to be real but we can hope it to be a reality one day) and the theme of sacrifice comes around again, instead of dying for others, which would have fell in line with the Christ allegory that was prevalent throughout the entire movie, he instead does something so OUT of character, that it completely destroys the Symbol of Hope that he's suppose to represent. I don't know if Grant Morrison was expecting the same things I did, but I do know that like Mr. Morrison, who has made a career out of writing for Comic Books and Graphic Novels (they actually are two different things), that they can be just like deep literature. Taking us on an out of this world adventure and at the same time, teaching us something about how to be better humans interacting in the real world that we have to learn to share with each other.

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