Page 2 - The Governor Back On 'The Walking Dead,' But What Can We Expect From His Return?

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"He wants to be [a changed man], but I think he's intelligent enough to know that the man that he was is still lurking inside," Morrissey continued. "He absolutely knows his capability for badness, his capability for evil, for going into blackouts, I would suggest. Not knowing his own actions, not knowing what he's capable of — he's fighting that all the time and I think if you're aware of that about yourself, then when that happens to you, the people you don't want to be around is people that you love. Because that's a terrible, terrible situation, and it makes it hard for people that you love."

Andrew LincolnHow will Rick respond to the return of The Governor?

The British actor went on to note how, in season four, The Governor is at an important crossroads in his life, and must chose whether to "step up again and become this leader and whether he's going to try and take control, or alternatively he could go on to become a quiet, retired man no longer obsessed with power. Of course, overcoming our demons is no hard feat, even if you are the Governor. 

"A man who’s not wanting to be a leader, a man who’s fighting leadership, and man who's fighting responsibility, a man who's trying to get away from the human race and the responsibilities around that."

Morrissey went on to describe his character in the current season and whilst he didn't give too much information away, he did have one exciting bit of news to give. We may not be at the halfway point in the season yet, but don't expect The Governor to go away any time soon, as Morrissey confirmed that he will be around for the rest of the season. Good news for us, bad news for Rick.

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