Did Charlize Theron Cross The Line When Comparing Intrusive Press To Rape?

Charlize Theron may have gone too far with her most recent derogatory comments.

The 38 year-old actress is feeling the backlash of making a very inappropriate comparison while speaking with Sky news.

Press are known for being intrusive, but according to Theron, being subjected to the media's scrutiny is the same as being raped and that "every aspect" of her life is just "fodder for an article."

The Hollywood star made the comparison when the reporter asked her if she Google's herself. "I don't do that, so that's my saving grace," she said. "When you start living in that world, and doing that, you start feeling raped."

But when given the chance to rectify making such an unnecessary statement, Theron chose to stick to her word.

"Well, when it comes to your son and your private life. Maybe it's just me," she explained. "Some people might relish in all that stuff but there are certain things in my life that I think of as very sacred and I am very protective over them."

However, living in the life isn't all bad, and Theron did express a little gratitude for having such a glamorous lifestyle.

"I can't be concerned about what some idiot is going to write online about my short skirt or something like that," she said. "Yes, to fly first class to London, to be able to do that with my son and my family, I am definitely not jaded about any of that stuff. But it doesn't mean that every aspect of my life all of a sudden becomes fodder for an article."

Since this interview was published many have taken to social media to criticize the Academy-Award winner for her comments.

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One Twitter user wrote, "She should try telling that to a real rape victim, and another added, "How stupid to comment about press intrusion the same as being raped. Makes my blood boil!!"

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Charlize has yet to apologize for her remarks.

Charlize Theron
Theron received a heavy backlash from social media for the "rape" comment


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Did Charlize Theron Cross The Line When Comparing Intrusive Press To Rape?

Charlize Theron may have gone too far with her most recent derogatory comments.The 38 year-old actress is feeling the backlash of making a very inappropriate...



Brandy Franklin's picture

Brandy Franklin

I personally would agree that someone who has not been raped has no real right to compare it to anything. While the press can get out of hand and there should most certainly be limits on them...using this comparison is like comparing water to salt and makes her seem uneducated that she can't think of something better to say. She could have just said that it was an invasion into her personal boundaries. Stars need to find a better way to word this. It's sad that this keeps happening. Truth is that stars aren't whining when they are cashing the big checks. While I agree there should be better laws, at the same time they can't expect that someone won't try to get their photo anyway. It's the downside to stardom and people have some idea what they're getting into.

5 months 3 days ago
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Randy Sargent's picture

Randy Sargent

Who says it's inappropriate, YOU? Why don't you let people make up their own minds? I happen to think she's right. The press are animals.

5 months 3 days ago
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