Apple Refund Breaking Bad Fans Who Paid Double For Season 5

Breaking Bad is good, and we’re pretty sure people would love to support it with as much money as possible. Trouble is, there are plenty of Walter Whites in this world unwilling to embark on a life-destroying met empire, who simply have to watch the pennies.

So charging them twice for season five, Apple? Not cool.

Bryan Cranston Walter WhiteWalter White paid twice, and he's not happy

The confusion arose when Vince Gilligan and his Breaking Bad cronies decided to split up the last season. This was met with some despair from the show’s loyal fan base, but considering the quality of the latest episodes, their decision was more than vindicated.

For Apple, who have been responsible for some of the biggest jumps in design over the past two decades, it just didn’t compute. They ended up charging people for two season passes instead of one for each eight-episode half.

They are, however, giving out iTunes vouchers, which, compared to real money, isn’t that good. But you can probably request cold hard cash if you want.

"Dear Customer, We apologize for any confusion the naming of “Season 5″ and “The Final Season” of Breaking Bad might have caused you. While the names of the seasons and episodes associated with them were not chosen by iTunes, we’d like to offer you “The Final Season” on us by providing you with the iTunes code below in the amount of $22.99, said an email obtained by “This credit can also be used for any other content on the iTunes Store. Thank you for your purchase.”

Aaron Paul Bryan CranstonAaron Paul [L] and Bryan Cranston [R] At The Breaking Bad Wrap Party

AMC are planning on pulling the same trick with Mad Men as it enters its final season, and you can only imagine – considering the success with Breaking Bad – that The Walking Dead, which is set to return in October, will receive similar treatment. How are you going to deal with that, Apple?

Breaking Bad finishes up with its finale this Sunday, 29th September.


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