Alec Baldwin And The Bike Fiasco Vs. Other Baldwin-esque Outbursts

We keep trying to stick up for Alec Baldwin, but dude just keeps fluffing it up! Baldwin was arrested on Tuesday for riding his bicycle the wrong direction down a one-way street in New York City. Sounds sensible. On top of that (and probably our favourite part), he was doing so while behaving “in a violent, threatening manner” toward the police.

Alec Baldwin bike arrestAlec Baldwin, pictured with his wife Hilaria, was arrested for riding his bike against traffic in NYC

There’s no report of Baldwin being under the influence while behaving in this particularly odd manner (also it was 10am in the morning), so we can assume that his thought process was thus: “I AM ALEC BALDWIN.” By imagining that’s pretty much all that he ever thinks in a repetitive and forcefully self-assured manner is how we regularly accept his Baldwin-esque behaviour.

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Baldwin was spotted cycling against the traffic in lower Manhattan, before being taken into custody where he was issued with two summonses: one regarding his unsafe cycling and the other for disorderly conduct. After being stopped by police, the Emmy-awarding winning actor refused to show his ID (“I AM ALEC BALDWIN”), and was just outright rude to officers, who, in response, handcuffed and detained him (“WE ARE THE POLICE”).

Baldwin was later released, we imagine he was in a fantastic mood and proceeded to go and help in a soup kitchen, or dole out other acts of kindness, all with an air of Buddha-like tranquility.

The bike fiasco comes just a couple of weeks after Baldwin was taped making an allegedly homophobic slur. Baldwin was accused of calling a photographer her “c***sucking f*g,” although he denies using either words, instead claiming he called the photographer a “fathead.” Sounds legit.

Baldwin’s bike escapades are really the least of his worries when it comes to his track record. In October 1995 he allegedly assaulted another fathead, sorry, photographer, who had been filming his then wife, Kim Basinger, as she returned home from hospital with their 3 day old daughter, Ireland. It seems as though Ireland’s very early brush with the paparazzi had an inherent effect on her, you can’t stop her from posting videos and pictures of herself these days.

Alec Baldwin bike arrestAlec and his daughter Ireland have had their share of troubles with one another over the years

A few years later Ireland was the subject of another of her dad’s misdemeanours. A voicemail he left her, calling her a “rude, thoughtless little pig” surfaced, for the first time bringing to the fore the extent of Baldwin’s anger issues.

In December 2011, a flight attendant tried to stop the actor from playing Words with Friends on his cell phone. He became enraged by the mere suggestion that he should cease his game and was eventually removed from the plane. Big mistake. Moral of the story, don’t come between Baldwin and Words with Friends. 

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