Robin Thicke - After The Smash Success Of Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke Gears Up For Next Record. Country Perhaps?

There’s no argument that Robin Thicke has achieved highly unexpected success in 2013 and it seems like the singer doesn’t really know what to do with it. According to an interview with Billboard, Thicke would like to go in many different directions, now that he’s finally achieved the coveted mainstream success.

Robin Thicke, Rockefeller Center
Thicke has suddenly found himself in the midst of unexpected success.

But despite the hitmakers on the album – Pharell Williams and T.I. are both heavyweights when it comes to chart toppers, not everyone was as convinced as Thicke of his record’s success. When asked whether he Blurred Lines sounded like a hit from the very beginning, the singer responded: “It did to me, and then I went into the record label and I played it for the heads of the label, head of pop radio ... and everybody just went, `Nice. Nice.' Got no response; was kind of surprised by that.”

Robin Thicke, Rockefeller Center
Even record execs failed to predict the success of Blurred LInes.

He also admitted that the album did not originally have the catchy, funk vibe that the world fell in love with. In fact, a lot of the more upbeat songs were added in as something of an afterthought.

„I always write about 40 or 50 songs per album,” he explained. “I had some stuff that I normally write - some slower, soulful, more depressing in some ways, introspective-type stuff. `Blurred Lines' started to take off ... so I went in the studio and I recorded three new songs that were up-tempo and funk.”

Now that the record has taken off, however, Thicke is buzzing with plans, having commented in the same interview that he would like to do a Christmas album, a country album and even a gospel album, apparently covering most niche markets.

Robin Thicke, Manhattan
So, what's next? Lots of things, apparently.


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