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Scarlett Johansson Returns To Broadway In ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’

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Scarlett Johansson will grace Broadway once more, as she plays Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, reports The New York Daily News.

Tennessee Williams’ award winning play, which has won the Pulitzer Prize, and has been revived several times on Broadway already, will set the scene for Johansson’s return to the stage; her first since her Tony-winning performance in a 2010 revival of Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge. Benjamin Walker will join her on stage. The actors will play Maggie and Brick in a new production that is expected to open Jan. 17 at New York's Richard Rodgers Theatre. Ciaran Hinds (Game of Thrones) will play Brick’s plantation-owner father, Big Daddy. Tony winner Debra Monk will play Big Mama.

The show’s lead producer will be Stuart Thompson, and Johansson, who worked with him on “View From the Bridge,” has wanted to play Maggie for some time, and her box office star power proved strong enough for the Broadway producers to bring back a play that is already familiar to many theatre-goers. It’s hard to pigeonhole Johansson as an actress, given the range of roles she’s fulfilled. More art-house performances, notably with Woody Allen, include; Match Point, Scoop and Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but she has also featured in many Hollywood blockbusters, like Iron Man 2 or The Avengers.

Everybody Wins Review

Everybody wins... except the audience, in this initially promising but ultimately baffling waste of a movie, another flick in a long line of Debra Winger thrillers. You know, the kind with a knife on the cover of the DVD, separating her from the male lead. Right. Oddly, there's no blood-covered knife to be found in Everybody Wins: The body count is exactly one, and even that is totally bloodless (despite it occuring during a head-on collision between motorcycle and truck). The plot is barely worth explaining: A "good samaritan" (Winger) hires a flashy P.I. (Nick Nolte) to clear a teenager of his murder conviction. Why the erraticly behaved Winger is interested in this kid turns out to be the big mystery in the film, not the obviousness of his innocence. Nolte turns out to be the surprisingly only thing worth watching here. Who knew such an awful movie (and that title) could come from the pen of Arthur Miller?

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye Review

This appreciation of a still photographer some think of as the grand master of them all demonstrates Henri Cartier-Bresson's ability to consistently make art out of people in the midst of their lives, capturing perfect compositional moments and angles with his camera. What we see of his work merits all the praise lavished upon him, though the documentary content leaves one wishing for less in the way of rambling, unfocused articulation.

Unless artists are also big, charismatic personalities in their own right, documentaries that feature them are inclined (doomed?) to be a bit of a snooze. Their appearance from behind their instrument of art making --in this case a camera-- often fails to rise to eloquence or cinematic drama. But that element aside, the work itself conveys considerable impact. The DVD will hold interest for those who want to examine Cartier-Bresson's extraordinary work along with his creative thought processes and its effect on a few of his subjects and observers. Study value, not entertainment.

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The Misfits Review

A storied movie, written by Arthur Miller for wife Marilyn Monroe -- whom he would divorce before the film was released, The Misfits is as interesting behind the scenes as it is on the screen. Monroe is marvelous (though reportedly battling severe drug addiction during the filming), driven probably by her hatred for the weak-willed Roslyn, and Clark Gable is memorable too, as an aging cowboy who periodically heads out to the desert and the foothills to go "mustanging," rounding up wild horses... which he'll sell to a dog food company.

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Billy Corgan Teases

Billy Corgan Teases "Two New EPs" Of Smashing Pumpkins Songs In 2018

Corgan took to Instagram to confirm rumours of new Pumpkins material, saying the first songs could arrive as early as May.


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